Katarina Barruk – Báruos


Báruos is the first CD from Katarina Barruk, but she has already established herself as a great artist in the Sami music environment in the Nordic countries. She writes her own lyrics in Ume Sámi and composes music where the singer-songwriter genre, pop and rock meets.

Release date: 2015-09-02

01. Evelina
02. Gieries nuartta sámiebáhttja (The Northern Sámi Boy)
03. Juohkádit (Separation)
04. Tjyörrat jallá tjajmadit (Burst Into Tears or Laughter)
05. Iedname (The Earth)
06. Áhkán vuöllie (Grandmother's Yoik)
07. Meärkká suojgade (The Haze Eases)
08. Gijttuo Heärrá (Thank You)

Listen to a short preview of each song here

Photo: Marika Vikström