About Us

We are STOORSTÅLKA. Two sámi band weavers that a few years ago decided to produce our own band weaving tools.

Lotta W Stoor is a skilled sámi band weaver and handicrafts artist. Per Niila Stålka is also a weaver, and the constructor of the tools. We put our family names together and Stoor+Stålka became STOORSTÅLKA. That was in 2010.

Our first heddle was a medium sized regular band weaving loom in pink acrylic. We put some pictures of it at Facebook and our fellow sámi weavers loved it. Orders started to come in. Not only from the Sámi community, but from all around the globe. We discovered the world-wide community of band weavers, which made it possible for us to grow our business of weaving tools.

Some wanted bigger heddles, others wanted smaller versions. We always listens to our customers and try to give them what they want, and now we have a whole family of band weaving heddles. From the smallest one in golden acrylic, to double slotted heddles for easy pattern picking and heddles with doubles holes.

And we needed yarn. The same type of yarn that our grand mothers used to weave with. A strong but thin worsted wool yarn in beautiful colors. But no one longer produced it, so we decided to reinvent this yarn. We named it áhkko, which means grandmother in Sámi.


Happy weaving!

Lotta W Stoor and Per Niila Stålka