Sunna Heddle


We received a request from Susan J Foulkes, author of the book Sámi Band weaving, to make a custom heddle. We designed this double slotted heddle, and named it "Sunna", which is the Sámi name for Susan.

The first Sunna Heddle was the one with 13 pattern slots. Some customers wanted a wider heddle and we designed the Sunna 17 XL heddle. Soon we received requests even for smaller Sunna heddles, and we designed the Sunna 5, 7 and 9.
The STOORSTÅLKA Double-slotted heddle is lightweigt, durable and gentle to the yarn.

Video introduction to the Sunna heddle by Susan J Foulkes

Introduction to the Sunna heddle, by Susan J Foulkes (pdf-file).

 Material: Acrylic glass, poly(methyl methacrylate)

Colors: Milky White

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