Sigga Heddle


Sigga is special constructed for weaving band with "jumping" pattern threads (which before the invention of Sigga was woven with loose solv).

With Sigga it is super-easy to weave bands with jumping pattern threads. All the pattern threads will keep in place in the heddle, and can easily be picked from their own reserved level.

Sigga is available with slots for 8, 16 or 24 pattern threads. Color is white.

Sigga is designed and constructed by STOORSTÅLKA. If you see a Sigga Heddle that is not made by STOORSTÅLKA, please be aware that it is a pirated copy.

In the review section one customer complained that her Sigga heddle was broken when it arrived. Things can happend during transport, and we always exchange broken items for free – and try to keep every customer happy. We constantly try to improve our products, and this problem do have our full attention for future improvements.

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