Heddle Beaivi


This heddle has its own STOORSTÅLKA history. Paivi Suomi, who is runnning the web site All fiber arts, came and asked us for a special heddle with a double row of holes. We made a drawing and a custom loom just for her. We put a photo of the loom on our web site, and in a short period of time we recieved several requests from other weavers around the globe, who also wanted the same type of double-hole heddle. That's when we decided to make a small batch for everyone to enjoy! So weavers all over the world, lets us give you the double hole heddle, that we named Beaivi.

Video introduction to the Beaivi-loom by Paivi Suomi
Weaving with the Beaivi-heddle by Susan Foulkes

The STOORSTÅLKA Double-hole rigid heddle is lightweight, durable and gentle to the yarn.
Material: Acrylic glass, poly(methyl methacrylate)
Color: White

Max threads: 63 + extra row of holes
Weight: 58 g
Total width:  18 cm
Total height: 12 cm